• Safe and Effective

    Pain Management with Theramine

    Learn more about the dietary management of Pain Syndromes with Theramine.

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  • Nutritional Management

    of Disease with Medical Foods

    Medical food is a unique category of FDA regulated products that meet the distinctive nutritional requirements or metabolic deficiencies of a particular disease state.

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  • Medical Foods:

    A Safer Therapeutic Option

    Medical Foods work through a different pathway than drugs, and are very safe to take as a standalone product or in addition to a pharmaceutical drug.

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About Physician Therapeutics

Physician Therapeutics is a division of Targeted Medical Pharma, Inc., a biotechnology company that develops and distributes amino acid based Medical Foods, generic and branded pharmaceuticals to physicians, pharmacies and skilled nursing facilities for the treatment of pain syndromes, hypertension, obesity, immune disorders, sleep and cognitive disorders. Based in Los Angeles, the company’s proprietary therapeutic systems are sold throughout the United States. The company manufactures ten proprietary amino acid based Medical Foods.  These amino acid based Medical Foods and therapeutic systems are a safe and clinically effective tool for the management of certain disease states without the deleterious side effects of traditional, high dose prescription drugs.

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Evidence Based Medicine

Physician Therapeutics product development is validated by the evidence based review system for the scientific evaluation of health claims established by the FDA. Every therapeutic system Physician Therapeutics develops is formulated from ingredients that are Generally Recognized as Safe and that meet the appropriate standards of authorized regulation.
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