Connecting Nutrition to Medicine

Chronic disease can change the dietary needs of the body at the cellular level. Common drug therapies do not address the distinct nutritional requirements of chronic conditions, only managing the symptoms of a disease. Medical foods help fill the gaps that drug therapies do not address, by providing the cells of the body with the fuel needed to meet the increased nutritional demands of chronic disease.

Medical foods have been recommended by physicians and dietitians throughout the United States for over a decade to help patients safely manage chronic conditions like pain, inflammation, obesity, hypertension, sleep and cognitive disorders.

  • Manufactured in the United States in a cGMP Facility
  • Formulated with Ingredients that are Generally Recognized as Safe
  • Clinically Validated Products
  • Uses a Patented Uptake/Absorption Technology
  • Addresses Increased Cellular Demands of Chronic Disease

Medical Foods Target Indications

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is defined as any persistent pain lasting more than 12 weeks. Chronic pain can be a result of an injury, such as a back sprain, or there may be other causes such as illness or viral infection. In some cases there may also be no clear cause of pain.

Chronic Pain is a disease of the nervous system, altering nutrient, amino acid and neurotransmitter metabolism. Over the past decade, scientific research has focused on the underlying physiologic changes created by chronic pain and has revealed that specific amino acid based medical foods can improve the body’s ability to reduce pain and inflammation from within.

Medical foods like TheramineTrepadone and Percura have over a decade of clinical success reducing pain, inflammation and improving the daily function of patients with chronic pain. These drug-free products are specially designed to supply the nervous system with the fuel it needs to meet the increased demands of chronic pain, and have been shown in multiple clinical trials to be effective without dangerous side effects.

Important: For Use Under the Supervision of a Physician.


Chronic Pain


Arthritis Pain


Neuropathic Pain

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a disorder that causes extreme fatigue which lasts for extended periods of time and limits your ability to do every day activities.

The following symptoms are associated with Chronic Fatigue:

  • Post-exertion malaise lasting more than 24 hours
  • Un-refreshing sleep
  • Short-term memory or concentration problems
  • Muscle pain/weakness
  • Joint Pain without swelling or redness
  • Headaches of a new type, pattern, or severity
  • Tender lymph nodes in the neck or armpit
  • Recurring soar throat

Chronic Fatigue is most common among women in their 40s and 50s, but can affect anyone. Chronic Fatigue can last for years and is associated with a variety of amino acid and nutrient deficiencies. Medical foods like Sentra AM and Theramine can help manage the distinct nutritional requirements of Chronic Fatigue providing the nervous system with the fuel it needs to reduce fatigue and restore normal daily function.

Important: For Use Under the Supervision of a Physician.


Chronic Pain

Sentra AM®

Fatigue and Cognitive Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Sleep dysfunction can lead to persistent problems falling asleep or staying asleep at night. Many patients with chronic sleep disorders wake up feeling tired or feel very sleepy during the day. Chronic pain, PTSD, fatigue and obesity can contribute to sleep dysfunction.

The most common types of sleep disorders are:

  • Insomnia - a hard time falling or staying asleep
  • Sleep apnea - breathing interruptions during sleep
  • Restless legs syndrome - a tingling or prickly sensation in the legs

Patients with sleep disorders are known to have increased nutritional requirements for specific amino acids and certain antioxidants. The medical foods Sentra PM and GABAdone are specially formulated to address the distinct nutritional requirements of patients with sleep disorders, and are clinically proven to help patients fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Important: For Use Under the Supervision of a Physician.

Sentra PM®

Sleep Disorders associated with depression, chronic pain and PTSD


Sleep Disorders associated with anxiety and detoxification

Manage Blood Pressure Health Naturally

Hypertensa® Advanced is a drug-free solution for supporting optimal blood pressure health. Hypertensa Advanced provides a balance of amino acids and nutrients with well defined roles in the management of blood pressure. Hypertensa Advanced supports healthy blood flow and cardiovascular function by helping the body produce the neurotransmitters and antioxidants responsible for regulating blood pressure and vascular function.

Hypertensa Advanced is not a beta blocker or blood thinner. Hypertensa Advanced works through a different pathway than drugs and contains ingredients that are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). Designed by a cardiologist and made in the USA, Hypertensa Advanced is a natural option for helping support healthy cardiovascular function.

Important: For Use Under the Supervision of a Physician.

Hypertensa® Advanced

Dietary Supplement


Overweight and obesity are defined as "abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health". Body mass index (BMI) is a commonly used index to classify overweight and obesity in adults. If your BMI is equal to or more than 25 you are considered overweight, and obese if your BMI is equal to or more than 30.

Quick Facts:

  • Obesity is linked to more than 60 chronic diseases (1).
  • Over 75 percent of hypertension cases are directly linked to obesity (2).
  • Americans now consume 31% more calories today than they did 40 years ago (3).

Obesity is associated with a variety of amino acid, nutrient and micro-nutrient deficiencies. The medical food AppTrim is specially formulated to address the distinct nutritional requirements of obese patients. For over a decade AppTrim has helped obese patients reduce appetite, control cravings for food, increase early satiety, and reduce caloric intake without dangerous side effects.

1. Campaign to End Obesity: Dr. Lee Kaplan at Preventing and Treating Obesity in the Primary Care Setting 2013 Workshop  2. Trust for America's Health: F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America's Future 2013: Fast Facts  3. Let's Move: Learn the Facts  4. The Vast Majority of Baby Boomers Are Overweight or Obese

Important: For Use Under the Supervision of a Physician.



Manage Sinus and Respiratory Health

Clearwayz® is a drug-free, fast acting, natural formula that works with your body to support healthy sinus, respiratory and immune function. The ingredients in Clearwayz have been carefully selected based on their safety and ability to support sinus, lung and immune function during the allergy, cold and flu seasons. Clearwayz delivers a powerful combination of antioxidants and amino acids that help eliminate inflammatory free radicals while supporting a balanced immune response.

If you suffer from chronic allergies or are just looking to maintain health during the cold and flu season then Clearwayz may be the perfect product for you. Clearwayz is a natural alternative to dangerous, side effect prone cold and allergy medications. The patented blend of ingredients is designed to support healthy mucus, immune cell (lymphocytes) and nitric oxide production while optimizing immune and respiratory system function.+

Important: For Use Under the Supervision of a Physician.


Dietary Supplement

Benefits of Medical Foods



  • Chronic Disease
  • Pain & Inflammation
  • Sleep Disorders/ Fatigue
  • Hypertension/Obesity
  • Poly-pharmacy


  • Amino Acids and Neurotransmitters depleted by disease
  • Dangerous and Addictive Drugs
  • Ineffective Therapies
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  • Nervous System Function
  • Pain Control
  • Daily Function
  • Homeostasis

"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food."



Chronic illness, along with certain drugs commonly used to treat chronic conditions, can deplete vital amino acids and nutrients required by your body’s nervous system to maintain a healthy balance and daily function.


Medical foods help re-charge your body, by providing the fuel your nervous system needs to meet the increased nutritional demands of chronic illness. Medical foods help fill the void that drug therapies do not address.

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